22 January 2011


I couldn't find a way to make this a 2011 goal, unless it was something like "be ok with your ennegram personality description", so I'm just going to do a post about it anyway. This is the most accurate "personality" test I've ever seen--it describes me nearly perfectly, and I've been able to pin-point most of my friends' types fairly easily and with skilled precision. You should take the test here: http://www.9types.com/ !

I've also seen a version that describes one's personality type by what they need. For example, I am Type 4, which is "The Need to Be Special". (It's a lot less narcissistic than it sounds, but only a little bit.) I like this rhetoric better, because, to me, it seems that a communication tool that centers on the understanding one's own needs and, in turn, enables one to understand the needs of others would foster a relational environment of self-acceptance, honest discourse, increased patience, and non-contingent love and affection. Which, hey, who doesn't want that? (I realized that the preceding paragraph dangerously treads near the parameters of the "children, clouds, and puppies" clause, but I am a Type 4, and that's just how we roll sometimes.)


Misty Jo said...

Melie poos-can we have a date where you teach me how to make my blog look nice and such so that i can update it regularly. i'm thinking it's something i'd like to do, but don't know how.
that said, i took the test, i'm type 9.

go figure, huh? :)

Mrs. Jeffers said...

I forgot you had a blog! Then I remembered. I like this, though I do find it to be quite a bit like the myers-briggs. But I really like the way they explain each type. Several of mine came out really even, but it was very easy to find the right one. Even easier to find my husband's!