19 July 2010


Peace, stillness, and rest...

...is to lay belly-down on the ground and see the world with the blades of grass and their molecules, knowing there is so much more you'll never know

...is to let the wind move the swing tied to the tree branch, and watch it sway like a pendulum, marking time at a pace much slower than you're used to

...is to allow the grass to make your legs itchy and the breeze your arms cold, welcoming the sign that there is still room for you to change

...is to lie on your back and feel very, very small; and then lie on your front and feel very, very large--always feeling the earth holding you the whole time

...is to smile at the dirt that covers your house, because it is still so lovable

I've moved into a house. And I love it. I'm challenging myself to spend time out of buildings everyday--which seems to be the quickest and most effective mood stabilizer there is. And then there's the beautiful walks in my beautiful neighborhood when I spend a few precious moments with my neighbor doe, who have descended from the mountains to eat the new figs off of tree branches. They make it hard to feel like you could ever be alone.

Oh, the blessings in the world around us. May we always find peace and rest and stillness in them.